The Weaving Fates

by Agatus

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released January 1, 2002

Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Effects, Electric Bass, Keyboards, Tambourine – Eskarth The Dark One
Drums, Cymbal, Bells, Tambourine, Gong, Vocals, Narrator
Narrative Passages – Archon Vorskaath

Logo Design: Ray Heflin / Equitant
Layout : Hybi, Iron Pegasus
Mastered By : Agatus, Neville Clarke, Peter Kolomitsev at Disk-Edits
Mixed By: Producer – Chris Dorian, Dimitrius Dorian

Music By Eskarth The Dark One except Conqueror of Fear
Performer, Arranged By – Agatus
Engineer [Mixing Engineer] – Jed Palmer, Mick Worldly
Recorded By [Additional Vocal Recording By] – Mick Worldly
Recorded By [All Other Instruments] – Jed ("Veg") Palmer
Recorded By [Drums And Guitars Recorded Live By] – Steve Fieldhouse



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Weaving Fates
Why are the Fates so cruel and unforgiving?
Although we suffer, still, Their weaving does go on…

I remember…
Riding through the Mountains of despair
Fear had embraced my body and my soul
Seeking for shelter to rest my tired bones
I came upon a rugged hill and saw the crystal castle walls
Why do they seem so far a way?
It seemed like endless Nights I rode, before I stopped to behold!

Who calls?

What is this creature, one of Earth, or spawned in the deepest lakes of fire?
In fear I wonder if I Dream and will it end?

I will remember, these cursed Nights
I will surrender, to the Weaving Fates
Track Name: Era of Tiamat
I am the daylight
I am the light
I am the Earth and Sea
I am the winds and storms
I am the Cosmos
I am the fear, the fear of mortals

The era of Tiamat
A new age has come
My goddess, my spirit

I am the source of life
I am the dreamer’s eyes
A soul that never dies
A truth between the lies
I am the Cosmos
I am the Chaos, the ear of all mortals

The era of Tiamat
A new age has come
My goddess, my spirit
Track Name: Conqueror of Fear
Dawn of time I have seen you
Through forests dark seas and black skies
My gates I have built upon you
Gold to mesmerize
The mortals that question my reign
The mouth of the Abyss still remembers
I am the God you created
The conqueror of fear that still breathes

The tower that rises in Starlight,
It holds in the fire that burns in your veins.
In pools of cold dreams and of Nightmares,
I hold all the secrets of Immortal life.

In wastelands forgotten by light
My Kingdom rises in Glory
Into the Abyss of black waters
I dream of the battle to come
Crushing we shall send them down
The light that scorches our eyes
For dream we no more, we’re awakened
And Stars have foretold that we rise.

“ So enter the Myth and the Prophesy”

And the words of the Myth were thus:
In time before time, the Great Dragon ruled
When Stars were not born and this world had seen no Dawn
When the Power of Gods was still young

The Great Serpent hissed and it spread its black wings
And the silence was broken by cries
And another God was born and the Dragon was no longer alone
In a world of cold silence and dreams

Life for the mortal fool define
Treading in daylight as if blind
Allow those so-blinded to maintain
The fears that make so grand my reign

“I am your Master
The Conqueror of Fear”
Track Name: Night Mares
What fear it brings to walk these lands again
As if in a Dream that seems to have no end

Fires light the sky, the earth barren, and black
Yet somehow I must walk on and lose the trail of coming back
Cursed to face a Dream, that surely is kissed by the Mares
They call me by name, Their voices burning me like flames

Long ago this curse had come to peaceful Dreams
Haunted by Starlight, like Night Mares in my Dreams

Chosen One, you hold the keys to the distant gates
However, you shan’t remember, you shall not awake
Sleeper, condemned to shiver like a burning flame
Remember, we know so well and we know your name
Track Name: Night of a Thousand Stars
When the Dark lands rose like grey clouds and their towers were cold and dark,
There where no man’s fate could ever reach the Sun, a demon travelled out of Life searching for the lost Dreams
The clouds are writhing in the flow of some great fire, as the daemon travelled beyond the void and beyond the void and beyond the lands of the eternal deeps
There the Phantom Lord Dreams alone in the Dark, surrounded by creatures dancing insanely for him!

I wait for I shall share with Him the Ancient Wisdom, the Ancient pain!

Frightening ghouls, mysterious births of alchemy, they ride the wind crawling around the Lord of chaos
The ruins of their trespassing are not forgotten, for they brought sorrow to the Earth and created a hill of ancient dust
His Name was praised with psalms that echoed deep into the Night, the God was finally awake as was written long ago
The flying Lord then spread His wings and dove into the dark and so the Earth will be possessed and She will never see the Sun!

I wait for I shall share with Him the Ancient Wisdom, the Ancient pain!

“Is this thy decision… to walk the rainbow no man hath walked? It will cause a pandemonium on Earth"
“No man shall know my name or where I cometh from…”

Haunt the illusions of the Wind and Dream…
Hold the Planets in your arms and scream!
Release the creatures in the wind of Night…
Release your powers and your storm with hate!

Spread your force Nyarlathotep; invoke the spirits of the dead…
The Night, of a thousand stars!
Walk the rainbow no man has walked and bring the hearts of endless Moons…your highest desire!
Hear the voices of a thousand souls; invoke the demon and the ghosts to enter the gates of sadness
Hold your torch and walk beyond, you are the amorphus creature Lord… a demon of a dark Millennium…

Track Name: Faustian Call
sint mihi dei Acherontis propitic
valeat numen triplex Iehovae!
i gnei, aerii, aquatici,
terreni spiritus salvete!
orientis princeps Lucifer,
Beelzebub, inferni ardentis
monarcha, et demogorgon propitianu
vos ut appareat et surgat Mephistopilis!

“Lucifer - lord of the ancient flame…
“Lucifer… i hail your name”

quid to moraris?
per Jehovah
Gehenna, et consecratam
aquam quam nunc spargo
signumque crusis quod nunc facio,
et per vota nostra
ipse nunc surgat nobis dicatus

“Lucifer - lord of the ancient flame…”
“Lucifer… i hail your name”
Track Name: Προγονολατρεία (Progonolatria)
In the night I see – shadows coming close to me
Dreams of ecstasy – leading my thoughts
Mystic ways of life – I share
The calling of Four Winds – caress my flesh

Those who see look through my eyes
I am made to live and made to rule
I am a Sorcerer of a Golden Age
Of knowledge and Black Arts
I freeze the Moon of a cursed dark night
Like shining aeons from frigid deeps
I am Immortal
I never die


We are Masters…
We take your force and live forever…
We are Masters…
We bring the Dark Millennium back and rule…
The light…
The light has eclipsed in my soul…
We will return…
We will return as the Glorious Race…
Disaster no man has ever seen…
We are Immortals…
The Ancient Cult for few to live…
Track Name: Visions of the Moon
The crypts shall shine again like steel
The Mighty serpent awakes once more
The ancient flame shall burn...the light!!!
The morning will be last forever....
Diabolical strong winds shall shred the sea
when the Great crown weeps the sky!!
The moonlight covering the land of blood
my ancient spirit awakes and screams in the skies.

This is what the moon brings,
the goddess of my dreams
the key of the haunted kings
the temple I had seen.

The idol of a stone horn
the bestial cave that slept forever
the snakeish edge of a serpent throne
a star of light that falls forever!!!!